Friday, January 2, 2009


Today I tried my hand at archery for the first time. Getting to and from Jebel Ali shooting club is a pain since it's so far away from the city, but it has the only archery range in town (though indoors) and pretty decent prices.

I was not sure what to expect, but it seems I did pretty well for a first-timer, getting a maximum score of 65 points (out of the 100 points you get if all 10 arrows in the round hit the bullseye). Not quite the Arjuna, but with time ...

Trying archery has been my fantasy for a long time, so it was great to finally draw a bow. The physical strength required was more than I had expected; you really need some upper-body strength to do this. Anyway, I had a nice time and will definitely be back for more.


  1. Hey Sohan, you look great pulling that bow! Have a great 2009!

    P.S. When are you visiting us??

  2. That's great Sohan! I thought that the arrow would have to be higher in the same line as the eyes.... How far is the target ?

  3. liu22:
    Yes, fully drawn, it is. But this photo was taken in a semi-drawn pose. Holding the string drawn long enough for the archery staff to take a photo would be very tiring.

    I dunno, really. Definitely not before I have finished my thesis in March, as I will be very busy until then, and I will need to hoard my leave days for academic purposes as well.

  4. I'd think archery gives your upper body a good workout. ;-)

  5. Wow Archery! I lile archery too, but I have poor eye-sight..
    ;-) Good sport!

  6. What is the draw weight and draw length of your bow? What was the range length?

  7. ... oh and btw, if u want to be like arjuna, you'll need to use the thumb draw and not the european 3 finger draw. :P

  8. I really didn't inquire about the specifications.