Friday, December 19, 2008


Genre: Other
Positives: Quite balanced in portrayal of Team Bush and Dubya himself; I mean, you have to give the guy credit for turning his life around somewhat. He is depicted as being Machiavellian, but in a vulnerable sort of way. Avoided anachronism in depiction of different stages in Bush's life, and had a few genuinely dramatic scenes. Good performances by Brolin, Banks, and Dreyfuss, and direction by Oliver Stone. And Ollie would have had a lot of fun with the shoe-chucker incident if the movie had been made after.

Negatives: Suffered from the same problem that beset another recent "Stoner" film on Alexander i.e. being too "talky" and documentary-like in content. Tried to cram too many events and quotes into the film; we've already heard those "Bushisms", so Stone could have avoided many of them.

Overall: Don't rush to the theaters, rent the DVD if you're not a silver screen type of person.

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  1. He doesn't deserve the attention he gets. He's a maniac and a war criminal. ..