Thursday, June 12, 2008

Neocon Paranoia and the Keffiyeh

Marvellous. Neocon Michelle Malkin has decided to label the keffiyeh "hate couture" because Yasser Arafat and Intifada militants wear it. To be fair, the Rebel Cross and the Swastika are still viewed with suspicion based on the times past when they were worn by the villains du jour. Even so, this is far too broad an attack on an article of attire that is still worn by regular everyday people, not even exclusively Palestinian.

And dropping the ad like a hot potato was certainly far too panicky a reaction from Dunkin' Donuts, who pulled it while explaining in the same breath that it was not a keffiyeh but a simple paisley-patterned scarf.

Yes, neocons have rightly pointed out many instances of oversensitivity in favor of Muslim activists (like the infamous Allah ice cream), but times like these just make them look like hypocrites.


  1. Incredible. Some years ago, young people wore this black-and-white keffiyeh down here, but I must admit that it is old-fashioned now and they are not so numerous today...
    Also, I didn't know about the Coca-Cola logo, how can it be right ?

  2. Ah, that Coca-Cola one is almost certainly a coincidence. Humans are, to varying degrees, naturally paranoid ... it was a better survival strategy, being safer to immediately react than to take time to consider plausibility. We prefer seeing patterns to discarding them as just one of the millions of random doodles in the universe. That's why people still insist on seeing the word "Allah" on the stripes of a fish, or the Virgin Mary on a grilled-cheese sandwich.