Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sanxingdui Photos

Cast bronze relics from the Sanxingdui bronze age culture of Sichuan province. Photos taken by me at the Asian Civilizations Museum of Singapore.


  1. I like the mystery of Sanxingdui and on the same time I would like to know more.

    What are representing these masks ? The archaeologists thought a lot about it but don't still manage to find a convincing explanation...
    The bronze masks present almost all faces characterized by thick eyebrows, big eyes, big nose, and a thin and wide mouth. The men (only men ?) they represent are all almost deprived by chin. Their expression is difficult to define : not smiling, not sad, not serene, not angry...

    These masks reminds me a lot the precolombian art... The funeral masks of Teotihuacan got also these little orifices in the ears...

    Thanks for the nice picts.

  2. Not to mention the oblique eyes, protruding pupils and elfish ears on some. They appear to have been highly stylized.

  3. Yes, you're right. I like the soda-bottle contact lenses ! ;-)

  4. Neat observation.

    Ancient telescopic contact lenses? o_O

  5. ...or orbital antennas for a panoramic vision in 360° ? ;-)

    There are existing such protruding eyes in the Chac masks of the ancient Maya of Central America (as well as a long curling nose). Coincidence ??