Sunday, April 21, 2013

Turkish Delights at the STUCK Cast Party

To celebrate the successful staging of our short play, STUCK (written by Kamlesh Acharya, and for which he and I were nominated in Backstage Awards categories for best short play writer and best short play director, respectively), I held a cast party at my place. True to form, I turned it into a culinary exploration opportunity, selecting Turkish as the theme of the night.

For the appetizer, I prepared Pancar Ezme, a beetroot and yoghurt dip, which we scooped up with garlic toasted bread. Definitely the hit of the night.

The soup course consisted of Mahluta Corbasi, a red lentil soup that was similar the Ethiopian Mesir Wat that I like to make.

The entree course was Dolma, a hearty dish of tomato stuffed with a cooked mixture of rice and tomato pulp.

For the main, I made lamb kofta and served it on a bed of fattoush.

And for dessert, I baked Sekerpare, a semolina-and-flour cookie with syrup.

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