Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Glasses, New Look

Now I look ...

... really smart

... plain dorky

I just bought a new pair of glasses. Always wanted a pair with black rectangular lens frames.


  1. Nice, it give you an intellectual look :)

  2. At the cost of about 15% of the vertical span of vision I had with my old glasses.

    It was quite difficult to find proper rectangular glasses that had tall frames. Anyway, I can now see both my monitor and my keyboard without moving my head, so it's fine, I guess.

  3. I think they suit my face shape well, yes?

  4. Hey, there is no option to choose both. Can you change it from radio buttons to checkboxes? :-)

    I love the glasses was thinking of making a pair too but probably will go for 'frameless'.

    BTW you might enjoy this sit-com I just discovered called the Big Bang theory. The jokes are great.

  5. most important is comfy.. never like glasses that feels like weights..
    voted smart.. hey guess everyone voted smart! ;-)

  6. I saw a couple of episodes on the flight from Amsterdam. It was pretty good.