Friday, July 25, 2008

Followup to Benny Lava

I love this about Web 2.0 ... you can parody the parody itself

The Original

The Chinese Benny Lava

And the Acoustic Benny Lava

And one of umpteen amateur dance videos

This is the true greatness of the web ... without it, people from many other continents and cultures would not have known of the greatness of Benny Lava, and we would definitely have not seen the application of their creativity to the same.


  1. Ouch, I think only the 'original' is watchable. The 'chinese' one didn't really match it would have been a real stretch.

  2. Hmm, from what little I can read of Hanzi, I thought it would have been close enough.

    Anyway, my favorite is the acoustic version. It was so funny that at one point, I think even the cigar guy lost his composure.

  3. I think English, partly due to the fact there is so many different accents is a lot more flexible and we can accept the differences easily. The Chinese, assuming it was meant to be in Mandarin, I found it next to impossible to imagine they are singing in Mandarin. The English I can, easily.